Castle and Court Music from Scotland


Castle and Court Music from Scotland


This is a book of music transcribed from the Straloch and Rowalllan lute manuscripts with a short introduction, bibliography, discography and music reference.

The music is transcribed directly from the lute tablature, and transposed from mostly F and Bb key signatures, to C and G . This music ranges from quite easy to moderately difficult. A lot depends on how you play it, i.e. fast, embellished, etc. It is lovely just as it is for beginners, and can be played with great virtuosity, as can be heard on various recordings. My intention was to make the music available to a broad range of harp players. The notation is in treble and bass clef. I have avoided those pieces with a lot of chromatic changes- perhaps in a later book...

This is some of the music on Robin Williamson's two albums "Legacy of the Scottish Harpers", on Scottish lute recordings by Ronn McFarlane, Jakob Lindberg, Paul O'Dette, the Baltimore Consort, and the Rowallen Consort, with Bill Taylor, wire harp. and Robert Phillips, lute.

It should be noted that not all the music here is of Scottish origin, as the lute books were written, most likely, by teachers for their students. Included are a variety of tunes that were probably played in Scotland , and popular at the time. They are charming and appropriate music for the harp. The music most likely to have originated as harp tunes are those entitled "Port". The "Canaries" are probably English in origin, and there are a few French titles, such as "Curent" and "Gabot". The remainder are old Scottish tunes, similar to those found elsewhere in, for instance, in Willian Dauney.s book entitled "Ancient Scottish Melodies" where there is a great similarity in style and tonality. (An excellent resource, by the way, containing transcriptions of the "Skene" manuscript from the early 17th century, also originally found written in lute tablature. There are extensive notes on the tunes, and in this manuscript there are also tunes clearly not Scottish in origin or style, but likely played and popular in Scotland . )

My husband, Wayne Cripps, has published all of this music in 2 volumes, written in lute tablature in the original keys.

Thank you for your interest. I have had many requests for info. and orders. I will try to answer individual questions not covered in this message as soon as possible.

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The Music


  • Canaries
  • A Port
  • Port Preist
  • I long for the wedding
  • Gray Steel
  • The Canaries
  • Hench me Malie Gray
  • Shoes rare and good in all - Lilt Ladie Ann Gordonn
  • A daunce, grein grews ye rshes
  • Hunters Careire
  • Its a wonder to see.
  • The old man
  • An thou wer myn own thing
  • port Rorie Dall
  • Port Jean Linsay
  • Ladie Laudians Lilt
  • A Port
  • I Long for thy virginitie.
  • Gallua Tom
  • Whip my taudie
  • Wo betyd thy waerie bodie


  • Curent
  • Gabot
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Curent (volte)
  • Swit Saint Nikcolas
  • Corne Yards
  • Untitled
  • Ane Scottis Dance
  • I never knew I loved thee
  • Battle of garlan
  • Untitled
  • In ane inch I warrant
  • Katherines Bairdie
  • Untitled


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