Least Bittern in New Hampshire

This bird (and family, it is thought) is an unusual sighting in Lebanon N.H. Here are some photos -some may be a female-most are male, I think.

Redpolls have arrived

A large flock of Common Redpolls have been coming to my feeder area for the last week or so. They are a delight to see. I created a composite of three to make a valentine. The males have “raspberry juice” spilled on their bibs-the females have tidy fronts!

Bald Eagle Sighting

Seen today, February 16 2019 in White River Jct., Vermont. Two immature Bald eagles- interacting in flight- one sitting on a branch earlier.

Recent Bird Sightings for the New Year

There have been some interesting birds around this New Year-here are a few. The first 5 are Pine Grosbeaks. They are an “irruptive” species- they come further south than their usual habitat when food is scarce where they usually live. The males are deep red, females have reddish orange heads. Next is a Tree Sparrow, then a male House Sparrow, followed by some Common Goldeneyes. The male is the one with the dark head and white spot on his face. The next 2 show the male Common Goldeneye with Common Females, and one Barrow’s Goldeneye Female, which is highly unusual. She’s the one with the bright yellow beak.

A Hummingbird that isn't a Hummingbird!

Hummingbird Moths look and act remarkably like real birds. They are beautiful! This is the first one I've ever see-it was in my tars,feeding on a Bee Balm flower. Official name is "Hummingbird Clearwing"  (Hemaris thysbe).


Red Crossbills in Vermont

These birds are becoming more populous here-perhaps even breeding. Many have been seen this winter...mostly heard, actually, as they prefer the tops of tall conifers. I have seen some near my home and about 3 miles away, on a roadway. The closer shots of the redder bird are of a male on the roadway, the more distant shots are a female at my home.


Evening Grosbeaks return

I've had these birds at my feeders for 30+ years, but the population has greatly diminished. I am thrilled to report 5 returning today-3 males and 2 females. I hope to see more.



Some of my favorite Photos

While I am re-inventing my web site I would like to share a few of my favorite photographs from past years. You might also see some of them in-my galleries.

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